Alexa rank enhancer


Improve Your WebSite Ranking With Alexa, Google & CO!!

  • Proxy support (download of approx. 40K Proxies)
  • Anti-Bounce rate (staying on your website for a longer period to avoid increasing Bounce rates)
  • Support of 3 websites (should be all on same domain-name!)
  • Multi-Threaded support (up to 20 threads at the same time)
  • Google Analytics safe
  • Piwik safe (and safe for other statistics modules like awstats etc.)


Boost your website’s Alexa ranking

Why Alexa Rank Enhancer?

Have you heard of If you have been working to improve your websites search engine placement, then I am SURE you know who they are. If not, ALEXA.COM is owned by interent giant Alexa is designed to “RANK” websites by their popularity (number of visitors), links, etc. Alexa uses the Google search engine and others to gather this information to see which websites are getting the most traffic. Based on the info that they receive, they place the sites in a ranking list from 1 to 6 million.

The top sites, like Yahoo, Ebay, Microsoft, all know that “Traffic Ranking” and search engine placement is the “KEY” to building their internet presence. Popularity is based on Traffic. The MORE people that visit your site, the MORE people will review your service or product, which means the MORE people will BUY what you have to sell. Be it a new computer, skin creme, a diet supplement, the latest DVD, or simply some form of information. ALL these have one thing in common. NO Traffic, NO Sales….

By improving your ranking and search engine placement, you will build your Traffic which in turn will make MORE Sales. There are many ways to build your sites traffic, but when first starting, it is very difficult. Alexa Rank Enhancer can help speed things up, whether you site just went online, or you have been around for years!


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